• Steven Callus

As Incredible as it sounds

Clients often ask me what at home treatments they should be doing to keep their hair looking and feeling like they’ve just stepped out of the salon. While different hair types and styles have different needs, there is one product I will always recommend clients add to their routine. The best thing about the Incredible Milk 12 Effects Leave In Treatment by Milkshake is that is it suitable for every hair type. Regardless of whether your straight or curly, course or fine, have had colour work done or kept it natural, this leave in spray treatment should be your go to. 

So what does it actually do? Well as the name suggests, there are 12 main effects this will have on your hair.

  1. Repairs all hair types...quite literally all of them.

  2. Protects and maintains colour so your balayage can look as vibrant as the day you got it.

  3. Protects from heat. This is especially important for you ladies who like to straighten their hair.

  4. Detangles, so you don’t have to resort to that hair-clumped brush sitting in your bottom drawer.

  5. Maintains hairstyle - much appreciated with our unpredictable Melbourne weather. 

  6. Gives shine which is a sign of healthy locks. 

  7. Adds body and volume so you can look salon-fresh every morning.

  8. Controls frizz. Yes please!

  9. Prevents split ends because everyone hates split ends. 

  10. Helps straightening so you don’t have to spend an extra 40 minutes each morning with the straightener.

  11. Protects from UV rays...literally sunscreen for your hair. 

  12. Smoothes the cuticle preventing frizz and split ends.

The treatment also contains natural fatty acids (Vitamin A and in the Murumuru butter ingredient) that is vital in moisturising your hair and scalp, leaving it with that soft and hydrated feeling. 

This month you can pick one of these miracle workers up from our salon at a limited time price: $25.00 (RPP: $30). While stocks last! 

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