• Steven Callus

Keep it with Keune

There's nothing more satisfying than the final mirror inspection of your freshly styled hair, knowing you're about to face the world looking your absolute best.

There's nothing more devastating than two-minutes after leaving the house and a small gust of wind decides to take creative control of your hair. All that time spent pinning and styling every last little hair into place... wasted. 

To prevent moments like these from occurring, I always recommend using a hair lacquer to lock down your style and prevent total devastation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of hairsprays out there that don't live up to exceptions, often leaving your hair feeling clumpy or crispy and resulting in needing a deep wash to remove all the residue. 

The Style Fix Brush Out Lacquer by Keune, for example, is a much more suitable alternative for many clients as the addition of Pro-vitamin B5 nourishes your hair and prevents too much build up of product. Once you're ready to call it day, this product can simply be brushed out leaving little to no flakes - making it perfect for daily usage. 

If you want to give the Keune Style Fix Brush Out Lacquer a go, now's the perfect opportunity with our special July price of $10. (RRP: $18). Contact us on (03) 9331 3777 or shoot us a Facebook message to get yours!